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Request Teresa Gray as a Speaker

MMI Founder Teresa Gray is available for speaking opportunities on request. Please contact for more information.


Teresa Gray has been immersed in the world of emergency medicine since a young age. She began her formal medical career as an EMT, then becoming a paramedic, and eventually a critilcal-care flight paramedic serving remote Alaskan communities by untraditional means including dogsleds and snow machines. Teresa is now a registered nurse, but she still holds her paramedic license, which is critical in her current position as the founder of Mobile Medics International (MMI), a 501(C)3 non-profit, volunteer organization that provides medical care to victims of natural disaster and humanitarian crises. Rooted in her experiences reaching people in need by unconventional means and prompted by the Syrian refugee crisis in late 2015,  Teresa founded MMI to serve communities who may not be able to access medical facilities in a disaster or those who are medically underserved. After completing dozens of missions with her fully volunteer team across the globe, Teresa was recognized as one of the Top 10 CNN Heroes in 2022 for her dedication to serving communities in need. 

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